Thursday, November 03, 2005

Benny Profane, porno star

A fellow pynchonoid writes:
From: [XXX]
Subject: Benito Sfacimento indeed...
Date: November 3, 2005 4:06:25 PM PST

Greetings and salutations!

I feel so proud right now that I just caught a wierd piece of Pynchon news before anyone else. I just watched a new porn DVD entitled "Kill Girl Kill", and during the opening credits I saw that I was about to be treated to a porn performance by none other than one Mr. BENNY PROFANE! In the last scene of the movie, here was a sex scene between a cute young goth girl and Benny... and this porn actor pretty much looked just like his namesake out of "V", sans spectacles. Benny Profane the porn actor looks to be in his early twenties, very pasty complexion with acne, kinda chubby, crewcut, and the most disturbing body modification below the belt that I have ever seen in a porn (this guy's choice of body piercing is not for the squeamish). According to the IMDB, Benny has starred in and directed other dirty movies, which I am curious enough to track down now. I will get back to you on whether or not his other movies involved titanium dentures. So that's it in a nutshell. We have seen Thoms Pynchon references in movies, music, and on television, and now even even good-old pornography is not safe from Pynchon's paranoid grasp on the imagination.

My obssesive viewing of hardcore porn has finally paid off,

here's proof:

Editor's Note
: In addition to Kill Girl Kill, Mr. Profane has apparently also appeared in Psychocandy, Psychocandy 2, and Psychocandy 3, distributed by a company called Pirate Booty. "Benny Profane" and video poster images from Freddy and Eddy's Psychocandy Video Review: