Thursday, August 05, 2004

They called him "the Kenosha Kid," though this may be apocryphal.

from An American Debate: How Severe the Threat?:
If the United States was in imminent danger of a terrorist attack and faraway financial institutions were supposed to be on high alert, there was no evidence of it at Franks Diner, a 78-year-old Kenosha institution where senators mix with regular folk and the prospect of another attack seemed just part of the background noise of daily life. "I don't know who on earth to believe anymore," said Michael Schumacher, a 54-year-old writer who was eating a bratwurst for breakfast. "You feel you're being manipulated all the time." Some version of that view was echoed at almost every table here as many patrons questioned whether the Bush administration was trying to manipulate the terrorist threat for political advantage.
Gravity's Rainbow, p. 61:
Superior (incredulously): You? Never! Did the Kenosha Kid think ..."