Tuesday, August 06, 2002

"In a development bordering on what the American Civil Liberties Union called 'surreal,' the on-line magazine Salon.com today revealed that the Department of Justice is forwarding incoming Operation TIPS calls to the Fox-owned "America's Most Wanted" television series."

"Madre de Dios!" an oddly panicked, high-pitched Hector was up and running for the kitchen -- luckily, Zoyd noted, having left a twenty on the table -- now with a platoon of folks come crashing in after him, what was this, all wearing identical camo jumpsuits and crash helmets with the word NEVER stenciled on. Two stayed by the door, two more went over to check the bowling alley, the rest went running on after Hector into the kitchen, where there was already a lot of screaming and clanging. [...] National Endowment for Video Education and Rehabilitation [...] "A dryin'-out place for Tubefreeks? "

--Vineland, 32-33