Wednesday, August 07, 2002

"The New York Times wrote recently about Russia getting
a new 'Western-style' legal code: 'The code enshrines
the fundamental concept of presumption of innocence
and gives new responsibilities--and, in theory,
independence--to judges, while it will gradually strip
prosecutors of the enormous powers they have wielded
over almost every step of any prosecution, from arrest
to trial. Defense lawyers will have the right to
challenge the admissibility of evidence, throwing out,
among other things, evidence collected by wiretaps
without a warrant.' The Times writes without a sense of irony. None of
these constitutional protections exist anymore in the
U.S. [...]
The First 21st Century Police State, August 7, 2002

"Brock [...] leaning darkly in above her like any of the sleek raptors that
decorate fascist architecture." (Vineland, p. 287)